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The premier club for personal and professional development to ensure you achieve abundance in your chosen field. Our aim is to improve EVERY aspect of the lives of our members, Financial, Business, Relationships, Careers & Time.
 All whilst contributing to  research for cancer cures as 20% of course sales go to the Cancer Research Charity.
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Amazon Course II Guide - Key Elements you need to Focus on.
Elite Amazon Course II shows you how to navigate some of Amazon's strict performance policies, Improve your seller store and ways to capture more sales.

WHAT IS IT: This course is short and straight to the point and can be bought as a standalone course or as a follow on to Amazon Course Top Seller Guide, with material you can retain, and most importantly apply to your business right away.

This is the 2nd in the series of Amazon courses to help boost your sales and growth on Amazon Going into more detail on account health and ways to boost sales on the platform.

WHO IS IT SUITABLE FOR: For entrepreneurs, online sellers and people who rely on Amazon for an income. We have many years experience on this platform having pioneered the electronics and now the smart fitness and launchpad categories. With insider information on what Amazon looks for to rank your products and what performance is necessacry to avoid suspensions.

HOW IS IT DELIVERED: An intro video and then a more indepth technical video, to show you how to become one of the top sellers on Amazon. Some templates for communication with Amazon to help you get Enhanced page listings, support from the Seller Team and Letters to get your account back from suspension.

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